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CORA (Dental Confederation of Argentina) is an organization with almost 85 years of existence representing dentistry at a national and international level. The idea of ​​creating this organiztion originated at the end of the 20's under the idea of ​​organizing an Odontologica Federation Argentina "FOA" idea. An idea that was realized on August 15th, 1929. FOA was founded by Dr. Adolfo Acevedo representing the AOA , Dr Davis M. Cohen and Dr. Julian Saint Martin on behalf of Odontológico Circle of Rosario, Dr. JJ Bilbao and Dr. S.S O'Donnell by Santafesino Odontológico Circle and Dr Baltazar C. Branca and Dr. John Ubaldo Carrea Odontológico representing the Circle of Cordoba.
CORA aims to act as the main organization thriving to advance the dental and oral health care in Argentina through professional practice, university education and public health perspectives.
CORA takes on the responsibility to promote and contribute to the professional and academic relations between dental faculties in the country and also from all over the world.
CORA represents the national and regional institutions and associations in the country in the international platforms.
CORA thrives to establish the highest level of social security for dentists and of course for all patients in the country, also contributing to level the high quality of treatments throughout the country.
CORA pioneers in promoting the advancement of science and the profession of dentistry, and acting as the umbrealla organization to all non-profit and non-governmental organizations in the country.
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