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  • Dr. Sergio Kohen

Dr. Sergio Kohen

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Short CV
Dr. Sergio Kohen author of 2 textbooks on aesthetics and Whitening, and co-author of more than 10 specialization books. Teacher of courses in Argentine, Latin America and Europe.
New Challenges in Aesthetics: "Whitening, Adhesion and Integrated Rehabilitation"
In the present conference, topics related to the integration of esthetics and tooth color will be discussed. Topics such as diagnosis, whitening, adhesion, plastic restorations, rigid veneers and integrated cases will be addressed.

Learning Objectives :
  1. The general objective the student will be able to integrate the new adhesive techniques and dental color treatment in the current rehablitiation
  2. The objective is to integrate the changes in the current aesthetic rehabilitation by integrating bleaching adhesion to new restorative techniques


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