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  • Dr. Luis Tamini

Dr. Luis Tamini

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Short CV
-Head professor for Comprehensive clinic 5 at the school of dentistry, University of Buenos Aires. -PHD in the area of Dental Materials al the University of Buenos Aires. Director of the master degree on aesthetics at the University of Buenos Aires.
Treatment Protocols for Fully Eroded Teeth
The exposition will focus on diagnostic and treatment of full eroded and para functionally wear teeth based on conservative and adhesive ways of resolution. Procedures using reinforced glass ceramics adhered to tooth structure combined with composite resins will be the path of action to conserve more properly the remained dental structure nowadays where we try to reduce our preparations.

Learning Objectives :
  1. Diagnostic of dental wear caused by erosion or para functional activity.
  2. Procedures to recover vertical dimension: veneers-table tops-onlays and minimally invasive crowns.
  3. Use of ceramics and adhesives to recover tooth structures.
  4. Maintenance and care of rehabilitation.
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