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  • Dr. Jorge Galante

Dr. Jorge Galante

Mar Del Plata, Argentina

Short CV
Professor & Sub Director of The Specialty Program in Prosthesis Buco Dento Maxilar and Implant Surgery at the School of Dentistry, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina (F.O.U.B.A). Director of the Program of Complex Implant Surgery, A.O.A (Argentinian Association of Odontology) University of Salvador, Argentina.Galante Institute, Mar del Plata, Argentina.
The Extraordinary Impact of Merging CAD/CAM Technology and the CBCT in Implant Surgery
The transformation of Imagination into Reality, is possible today, thanks to the use of the CBCT Diagnostic technology, with navigation software that allows simulations and virtual surgeries with an impressive precision, which approximate reality in such a way that possible risks and damages to the patient could be avoided. Cad Cam technology allows the design of the prosthetic restoration, according to the surgical planning made in the CBCT, and by means of specific merging software of both technologies, Dicom and STL files, 3D impressions of Guides for Guided Surgery can be made.

Learning Objectives :
  1. The use of Cone Beam Computer Tomography generates benefit in the accuracy of the diagnosis
  2. This equipment is safe with minimal exposure to radiation.
  3. Cad Cam technology allows the design of the prosthesis in a simple, and Precise way  
  4. There are softwares that allow merging both CBCT technologies, (Dicom), with Cad Cam, (STL) to perform Guided Surgeries.


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