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  • Dr. Osvaldo Zmener

Dr. Osvaldo Zmener

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Short CV
Osvaldo Zmener received his DDS from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), in 1966 and completed his Doctorate degree in 1968, leading to a speciality certificate in Endodontics in 1985. He joined the UBA Department of Oral Pathology until 1997 and was Director of Research in Endodontics at the Department of Restorative Dentistry until 2007. Since 2002 he has been Head Professor of the Post-Graduate Department for Specialist in Endodontics at the USAL/AOA University. He works on biocompatibility testing and lecturing worldwide. He has received numerous awards for excellence and for his research work in Endodontics. He has published more than 300 scientific articles in mostly peer-reviewed Endodontic Journals.
Endodontics: The Fantastic Trip from the Pathology to Treatment
In periapical granulomas cell-mediated and humoral immune reactions occur in response to bacterial toxins or dead cells that are present in infected root canals. They are composed by B and T lymphocytes, plasmocytes, macrophages, some PMN leucocytes, mastocytes and multinucleated giant cells. The behavior of these cells in apical granulomas is strongly influenced by various inflammatory mediators. During the presentation, we will do an interesting trip within a human apical granuloma to see “in toto” the granulomatous cell interactions and their relationship with the mechanisms of the tissue repair as normally occurred after endodontic treatment in different clinical situations.

Learning Objectives :
  1. Although various types of immunocompetent cells have been historically described in human periapical granulomas, the literature concerning their spacial configuration and interaction is not extensive. Therefore, the learning objective of this presentation was to get a comprehensive knowledge on the behavior and role of these cells in the repair process of different clinical cases when proper endodontic therapy was done.
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