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  • Dr. Noemi Bordoni

Dr. Noemi Bordoni

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Short CV
• PhD. • Emeritus Professor, UBA • Director of Institute for Public Health Research, UBA • More than 30 Awards for research projects, scientific activities, honors nominations and fellowship. Among them: Senior Researcher by IADR/LAR (2012) and Great Teacher of Dentistry by the University of Buenos Aires (2009 y 2010) • More than 600 courses and lectures. • Author of books, books chapters and more than 200 scientific papers or technical reports.
From Knowledge to Action in the Oral Health Field. Analyzing Trends, Challenges and Opportunities
The reflection on new knowledge has placed on the agenda of universities and health systems the need to incorporate: - the articulation between oral and general health problems; - the life cycle as an instance of individual application of knowledge and the diversity of contexts as collective scenaries; - translational research in its dual function: as a generator of knowledge and as a strategy for its application; - the evaluation of the social impact of research and of training of human resources. Various urban and rural experiences installed from this perspective allow to achieve: (a) significant reconversion of indicators of prevalent oral diseases, (b) good cost-effectiveness and (c) sustainability over time.

Learning Objectives :
  1. Identify trends in evidence-based health sciences as a theoretical-methodological framework.
  2. Recognize conflicts in the context that hinder the transfer of knowledge to political-health decision-making.
  3. Analyze alternative trajectories of translational research as a relevant strategy for action.
  4. Determine the clinical and social impact of different experiences in urban and rural contexts.
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