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  • Dr. Daniel Paesani

Dr. Daniel Paesani

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Short CV
Diplomate in TMD and Facial Pain in USA Professor of post graduate courses in the field of TMD and Bruxism at University of Salvador/AOA (Argentina) Author/editor of the book “Bruxism, theory and practice” Author of many papers and book chapters in the field of TMD, Bruxism and Facial Pain
The intriguing mechanism of pain and dysfunction in the TMD patient
The most relevant characteristic of TMD patients are pain in the TMJ and in the masticatory muscles. Some schools of thought have proposed classify the TMD in relation to the site of the pain. Moreover, is very common that dentists attribute these symptoms to the action of bruxism. In this presentation, we will discuss the pathophysiologic relationship between bruxism, the pain in the masticatory muscles and pathology of the TMJ.

Learning Objectives :
  1. To understand the relationship between bruxism and pain in TMD patients
  2. Differentiate between the source of the pain and the site of the pathology
  3. Distinguish between muscle pain and muscle pathology
  4. To learn how to break down the pain circle and to rehabilitate the jaw function
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