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  • Dr. Sylvia Gudiño

Dr. Sylvia Gudiño

San Jose, Costa Rica

Short CV
DDS, Faculty of Dentistry, University of Costa Rica Specialist in Pediatric Dentistry Hospital San Rafael, Madrid, Spain Master of Philosophy, University of Bergen, Norway Professor and Coordinator of the Pediatric Dentistry Specialty, University of Costa Rica Calibrated and recalibrated in "Concordance in Visual and Tactile Diagnosis of Dental Caries, ICDAS Criteria
The ABC of Modern Cariology Available For All Clinicians
During the last decades, the restorative sciences have undergone great advances, among which the transformation of the concept of extension by prevention by minimal invasion and intervention without invasion. However, in the day-to-day, a biased clinical approach still prevails, in which the old criterion of restoring each diseased tooth remains in an individualized way, and not that of providing an integral and multifactorial treatment to the patient according to their risk condition. Modernizing dentistry does not mean changing one product or technique for another; But to understand the complexity of the dental cavities process and to learn to make a comprehensive diagnosis that not only correctly classifies all the lesions but also make the best therapeutic decisions. .

Learning Objectives :
  1. Update the dentist in the most contemporary conception of the disease that he treats daily
  2. Describe the main elements that need to be known to be able to perform an excellent clinical and radiographic diagnosis
  3. Professional orientation in making clinical treatment decisions.  
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