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  • Dr. Cesar Pablo Fraire

Dr. Cesar Pablo Fraire


Short CV
Odontologist graduated from the University of Buenos Aires Faculty of Odontology in 1996. Specialist in Orthodontics in 2006. Professor at the University of Bs. As. Faculty of Odontology in the Orthodontic chair since 1996. Former professor at the University of Bs. As. Faculty of Odontology in the Prosthesis chair. Former boss of the Assisting teaching service from the Argentine Circle of Odontology. 1st prize Presentations Free Topics XXVII International Congress of the Argentine Circle of Odontology. Head of the 3D Area at the Argentine Circle of Odontology. Dictator of theoretical and practical courses in 3D Odontology.
3D A New Turn in Real Dentistry
This presentation will mainly revolve around 4 basic elements of digital odontology of our patients which are: scanning, planning, 3D physical reproduction and finally treatment. In detail it will be evident that 3D odontology is faster, more economic and accurate than not digitalized odontology. Diagnosis, planning and treatment tools will be presented to the participants, with the objective of maximize the quality and efficiency of dental practice, promoting the study, development, research and dissemination at an institutional level and as a private digital practice.

Learning Objectives :
  1. Enable students to identify 3D as an important tool for the diagnosis, prognosis and dental treatment
  2. That the students know and recognize the need of permanent training in digital Dentistry
  3. It is expected that at the end of the course, students will incorporate the systematization of the use of 3D in their daily practice  
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