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  • Dr. Julia Harfin

Dr. Julia Harfin

Short CV
Professor and Chairman of the Orthodontic Department at the School of Dentistry Maimónides University
Member of the Executive Committee of the WFO 2000-2010
President of the Argentine Society of Orthodontics 1990-1996
President of ALADO 1999-2008
Orthodontics and  Periodontics:  the  Perfect  Match
The aim of this presentation is to up-date the new strategies in adult ontic orthodontic treatment. The periodontal condition must be a primary consideration before initiating dontic orthodontic treatment and must be constantly monitored during the whole and treatment and retention period . 1250 patients ( 28-83 years old ) were analyzed and pre-treatment, 2, 4 and up 22 years post treatment results were evaluated The results confirmed that a significant osseous repair was achieved in nearly 82% 82% of the patients.

Learning Objectives :
  1. New protocols will be discussed while considering the individualized treatment objectives
  2. The use of new alloys allow better movement control and long term reliable results
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