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  • Dr. Maria de los Angeles Herrera

Dr. Maria de los Angeles Herrera

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Short CV
Coordinator of the National Commission of Prevention of CORA
Former President of the Circulo Odontologico de Catamarca
National Program for the Promotion of Health and the Prevention of Oral Diseases
The National Prevention Program of the National Commission of Prevention-CORA is in force for 22 years, generates actions to promote health and prevention of oral diseases prevalent in the Argentine population. It is developed in school and community spaces promoting self-care and the best quality of life It is a work that is articulated with state and private organizations and organizations of the community. This program is based on the right to health and involves children, their families and the educational community through teachers who receive tools to work on oral health.

Learning Objectives :
  1. Promote activities of health promotion and prevention of prevalent oral diseases
  2. Identify vulnerable groups, conditioning factors and oral health problems of the different communities of the country
  3. Socialize experiences and disseminate results of our oral health program developed in Argentina
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