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  • Dr. Beatriz Lewkowicz

Dr. Beatriz Lewkowicz

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Short CV
Dr. Beatriz Lewkowicz was the Director of the Orthodontics and Maxillofacial Specialty Program at the UNIVERSIDAD FAVALORO-ATENEO ARGENTINO DE ODONTOLOGIA from 2002 to 2017. In particular, she directed the program “Orthodontics for Older Adults”. She has received numerous prestigious awards and has an extensive publication record. Dr Beatriz Lewkowicz has been invited to present and expose her work nationally and internationally in numerous occasions.
Treating Occlusion Stetics And Function In The Older Adult
The masticatory system is a complex structure designed to chew, swallow, phonate and support breathing; all fundamental living functions organized by the neuromuscular system. Therefore, a stable and appropriate occlusion should be the goal of any treatment of the masticatory system at all ages. This is critically important since normal aging processes result in more vulnerable structures in older adults that are more susceptible to persistent dysfunctional habits. Thus, it is crucial that odontological interventions focus their efforts to maximize healthy aging via prevention and early treatment.

Learning Objective :
  1. To describe the importance of maintaining a healthy, functional masticatory system at all life stages
  2. To list at least 3 functional abnormalities frequently observed in the older adult.
  3. To discuss strategies to improve odontological approaches to healthy aging in the community.
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