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  • Prof. Michael Glick

Prof. Michael Glick

Buffalo, United States

Short CV
Michael Glick is Professor, University at Buffalo, United States. He has authored more than 300 publications, and has edited and co-edited 10 books. Dr. Glick served as chair for the Vision 2020, World Dental Federation (FDI), and is co-chairing the FDI Vision 2020 Think Tank. Dr. Glick is the Editor of The Journal of the American Dental Association.
From Evidence to Clinical Practice
We are inundated with more publications on dentistry than ever before. How to assess the importance of what is being published is a skillset that every oral health care professional needs to understand and learn. This presentation will provide an overview of how to search for evidence, how to analyse the evidence, and how to translate and use the evidence in everyday practice. I particular, attendees will learn how to interpret systematic reviews and basic biostatistical concepts, how to differentiate between statistical significance and clinical significance, and how to keep abreast with new and important clinical information.

Learning Objective :
  1. understand how evidence is translated from the scientific literature to clinical care
  2. understand the difference between statistical and clinical significance
  3. understand how different types of bias in the literature impact clinical decisions.
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