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  • Dr. Nicola Innes

Dr. Nicola Innes

Dundee, United Kingdom

Short CV
Professor of Paediatric Dentistry and Head of Department/ Associate Dean for Learning and Teaching, University of Dundee. Research interests broadly around improving patient care and outcomes in paediatric dentistry and caries management. Background in clinical trials, systematic reviews, guideline development. Principal investigator on multi-centre NIHR-funded clinical trials and collaborator on German, Australian, Brazilian, US and New Zealand based cariology trials.
Contemporary Treatment of Caries Lesions: From ‘Drill and Fill’ to Prevention and Management
This paper presents clinical recommendations for managing cavitated carious lesions based on the texture of demineralized dentine. Overall goals are to preserve hard tissues and retain teeth long-term. Restorative interventions are only indicated when cavitated carious lesions are either non-cleansable or can no longer be sealed. When a restoration is indicated, the priorities are to: preserve healthy and remineralizable tissue; achieve a restorative seal; maintain pulpal health; and maximize restoration success. Carious tissue is only removed to create ideal conditions for long-lasting restorations. Bacterially contaminated or demineralized tissues close to the pulp do not need to be removed.

Learning Objective :
  1. Discuss the evidence supporting less invasive carious lesion management
  2. Explain carious tissue is only removed to create conditions for long-lasting restorations
  3. Explain bacterially contaminated/ demineralized tissues close to the pulp do not need to be removed
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