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  • Dr. Ira Lamster

Dr. Ira Lamster

Wyckoff, United States

Short CV
Dr. Lamster is currently Dean Emeritus, Columbia University College of Dental Medicine, and Professor, Department of Health Policy and Management, Mailman School of Public Health. His research has focused on oral manifestations of diabetes.Dr. Lamster is now editor of the International Dental Journal.
The Relationship of Oral Disease to the Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity
Obesity is one of the great health challenges of the developed and developing worlds. Health concerns associated with obesity include increased prevalence of type 2 diabetes mellitus, hypertension, cardiovascular disease and certain malignancies. Obesity is an important component of the metabolic syndrome and is associated with a number of oral diseases and disorders, including periodontal disease, dental caries, altered tooth eruption, reduced masticating efficiency and sleep apnea. Oral health providers have the opportunity to impact the obesity epidemic by framing oral health promotion messages in the context of healthy diet, which can reduce dental caries as well as promote weight loss.

Learning Objective :
  1. Increase understanding of the relationship between obesity and oral disease.
  2. Become familiar with the components of the metabolic syndrome.
  3. Discuss the potential role of oral health care providers in addressing the obesity epidemic.
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