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  • Prof. Nico H.J.	Creugers

Prof. Nico H.J. Creugers

Nijmegen, Netherlands

Short CV
Dr Creugers is full professor of Prosthodontics and Oral Function at Radboud University. His research interests focus on minimal invasive dentistry and functional dentitions. He published over 200 peer reviewed scientific papers.
Tooth Loss, How to Handle It? A Public Health Perspective
The shortened dental arch concept is a treatment strategy for reduced dentitions that aims to preserve the anterior teeth and premolars without complex and costly restorative treatment of molars and without extending shortened dental arches with distal-extension removable dental prostheses. The shortened dental arch concept is a potentially cost-effective approach in the management of reduced dentitions This concept is globally accepted, but not widely practiced. A body of mainly circumstantial evidence shows that shortened dental arches may provide a stable and functional dentition with respect to chewing ability, aesthetics and oral comfort.

Learning Objective :
  1. To gain knowledge and apply evidence related to socio dental management of partial edentulism.
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