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  • Prof. Soraya Leal

Prof. Soraya Leal

Brasilia, Brazil

Short CV
Graduated from University of Uberaba in 1991. She is specialist in Pediatric Dentistry since 1995.Her master was obtained in 1999 and her PhD in 2003, both at the University of Brasília. Associate Professor of the Pediatric Dentistry Department, University of Brasilia. Supervisor of Master and PhD students at the Post-graduation program in Health Science, University of Brasília
Contemporary Treatment of Caries Lesions: From ‘Drill and Fill’ to Prevention and Management
Different strategies are available in the market for preventing the onset of carious lesions or/and to prevent further development of those diagnosed in early stages. The evidence about these methods will be discussed emphasizing that the decision-making process made by the professional should take into account, among factors as costs and the dentists preference, also patients individual needs.

Learning Objective :
  1. To gather information the evidence with respect to dental sealants, fluoride, infiltration and other preventive measures for caries prevention currently used by the professional
  2. To gather information the rationale behind sealing small carious dentine lesions
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