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  • Dr. Li Jian Jin

Dr. Li Jian Jin

Hong Kong, China

Short CV
Prof. Jin is the Modern Dental Laboratory Professor in Clinical Dental Science and Professor of Periodontology at the Faculty of Dentistry, The University of Hong Kong; a FDI Councilor, Chair of FDI Global Periodontal Health Project Task Team, Member of FDI Vision 2020 Task Team and former Chair of FDI Science Committee; and Past-President of Asian Pacific Society of Periodontology.
Global periodontal health: challenges, tackling strategies & an update on FDI’s action
Periodontal diseases are a major global health burden with huge socio-economic impacts and healthcare costs. Severe periodontitis as the leading cause of multiple tooth loss and edentulism in adults not only badly affects oral health, but also closely associates with major non-communicable diseases like diabetes and heart disease. Whereas, people’s awareness of oral/periodontal health remains low worldwide. The global strategy of oral/periodontal health in all policies and common risk factor approach are extremely important for tackling periodontal problems. This presentation addresses these critical issues and strategic frameworks of global periodontal health, with an update on FDI’s Global Periodontal Health Project.

Learning Objective :
  1. Knowing the global burden and socio-economic impacts of periodontal diseases
  2. Understanding the critical challenges facing the oral healthcare professionals and policy-makers
  3. Appreciating the scientific rationale and key strategies on tackling periodontal problems worldwide
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