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  • Dr. Esperanza Ceron

Dr. Esperanza Ceron

Bogotá, Colombia

Short CV
Dr Esperanza Cerón is Executive Director of Educar Consumidores, a civil society organization linking issues of gender, health, nutrition, law, education, economics and environment. In 2016-2017, Educar Comsumidores worked to lift a censorship which had been placed on a public service announcement (PSA), “Take It Seriously,” warning consumers of the health harms of sugary drinks.
Curbing the Sugar Rush: Tackling Oral Diseases and Other NCDs Through a Unified Approach
Dr Cerón’s presentation will set out the value of public awareness campaigns with regard to consumer education to support informed decision making. She will also describe the role of civil society organizations in implementing such campaigns. Dr Cerón will then focus on the case study of a public service announcement to raise awareness on the consequences of sugar consumption in Colombia, push-back by the industry with a formal complaint made by the nation’s leading soda company to government, and action by Educar Consumidores to lift the resulting censorship of the PSA. She will conclude with a call to action for members of the oral health community, especially national dental associations, to initiate and support public awareness campaigns and to combat industry interference if it arises.

Learning Objective :
  1. Discuss what makes an effective public awareness campaign on sugar
  2. Understand the level of impact which can be caused by industry interference
  3. Observe the role of civil society in overcoming industry interference and other barriers to policy change
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