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  • Prof. Domenick Zero

Prof. Domenick Zero

Indianapolis, United States

Short CV
Domenick Zero, DDS, MS, has received numerous research grants from the NIH and private industry over his 40 year career. He has lectured extensively as an invited speaker as an invited speaker throughout the US and internationally and is well recognized for his expertise in Cariology and dental erosion. He has published more than 150 scientific articles and book chapters.
Early Caries Management Using Remineralization Strategies
Dental caries is a dynamic dietomicrobial disease which involves multiple cycles of demineralization and remineralization before its consequences are expressed clinically. There is increasing interest in when and how we detect caries and the development of new technologies to assist in this process. The recognition that dental caries can be arrested and possibly reversed if detected at an early stage is leading to renewed interest in innovative remineralization strategies, especially non-fluoride remineralizing agents; however, clinical recommendation must be based on sound scientific evidence. The use fluoride toothpaste, fluoride mouthrinse, professionally applied fluoride (varnish), remain the mainstays of caries prevention.

Learning objectives
  1. Describe the difference between dental caries lesions and the dental caries disease process.
  2. List approaches to detect and monitor early carious lesions.
  3. Describe how to optimize the remineralizing effects of fluoride.
  4. State the indications and rationale for using a remineralization strategy for early carious lesions.
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