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  • Prof. Fusanori Nishimura

Prof. Fusanori Nishimura

Fukuoka, Japan

Short CV
Dr. Fusanori Nishimura is currently a Professor of the Section of Periodontology Kyushu University Faculty of Dental Science, and a Vice Dean for International Affairs. His main research focus is to understand the molecular and cellular mechanisms of periodontal medicine, especially the association between periodontal disease and diabetes mellitus, to develop Evidence-based therapeutic strategy against periodontitis in subjects with diabetes.
Periodontal Disease and Diabetes Mellitus - Up-Date Information on Periodontal Medicine
Update topic on an association between periodontal disease and diabetes mellitus, especially from the standpoint of diverse ethnicity.

Learning objectives :
  1. How periodontal inflammation is amplified,
  2. How amplified micro-inflammation influences our systemic health, and
  3. To understand ethnic diversity of the influence of periodontal inflammation on our systemic health.
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