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  • Prof. Mutlu Özcan

Prof. Mutlu Özcan

Zurich, Switzerland

Short CV
Mutlu Özcan earned her Licenciate in Dentistry in 1993 in Istanbul (Turkey), degree in 1999 in Cologne (Germany) and Ph.D in 2003 in Groningen (The Netherlands). She received her full professorship at the University of Groningen, The Netherlands in 2007. Since 2009, she is the Director of Dental Materials Division at the University of Zurich, Switzerland. She has authored more than 400 original publications.
Economic Solutions in Dentistry - Are High-End Solutions Always Necessary?
Despite advances in technological developments or dental materials, mechanical or biological failures are still being experienced in dentistry yielding to reconstructions that are more costly or to the cost of more tissues. Considering the increased lifetime of human beings, restoration/reconstruction cycle could in fact be decreased utilizing more economical alternative materials. This lecture will highlight such possibilities and discuss their longevity.

Learning objectives:
  1. Introduction of new materials and economic solutions
  2. Learning adhesive possibilities
  3. Protocols for repair
New Materials, New Challenges in Reconstructive Dentistry
With the advances in technological developments and introduction of subtractive and additive processing methods, new materials are being integrated in the dental therapy modalities for tooth- and implant-borne reconstructions. While the developments in the biomaterials field are cutting edge, fundamental properties of the materials do not change that frequently. In this lecture, an overview will be given on the current clinical possibilities, limitations and future perspectives with new reconstruction materials with a focus on metals, polymers, hybrids and ceramics.

Learning objectives:
  1. Update on current reconstruction materials
  2. Introduction to new materials and their limitations
  3. Introduction to new technologies
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