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  • Prof. Elia Sfeir

Prof. Elia Sfeir

Beirut, Lebanon

Short CV
Professor, ICD member. Former head and founder of paediatric dentistry department in the Lebanese university. Former head and founder of post graduate paediatric dentistry department, Lebanese university. Founder of the Lebanese society of paediatric dentistry. International speaker in aesthetic and surgery in paediatric dentistry. Invited speaker in FDI meetings (Paris, Montreal, Cairo)
Cosmetic Rehabilitation in Pediatric Dentistry
In the 70s, the celluloid molds for the restoration of anterior temporary teeth were introduced and remain valid. Since then, several other prosthetic solutions have been proposed through the polycarbonate molds, metal crowns coated with a cosmetic material and zirconia recently. On the other hand, the prosthetic solution to the molars is preformed crowns. It is a functional solution but unattractive. Several solutions have been proposed as the composite crowns, the metal crowns coated with a cosmetic material and recently zirconium crowns. Finally, Implant-retained overdentures and implant-supported constructions for young children with severe oligodontia and anodontia are now an acceptable solution with several years of follow-up. All these approaches will be presented and discussed.

Learning objectives :
  1. Be able to restore the smile of young patients
  2. Understand the importance of a functional esthetic result in pediatric dentistry 
  3. Evaluate the long-term outcome of the esthetic treatments
  4. Understand the appropriate technique to apply in different clinical situation
  5. Be able to find the appropriate esthetic approach for special need young patients


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