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  • Dr. Stephane Simon

Dr. Stephane Simon

Rouen, France

Short CV
Professor Stéphane SIMON is full time academic teacher/researcher with a clinical practice limited to Endodontics. He is the director of the European Postgraduate Endodontic Program at Paris Diderot University (3 years full time program). Today, his main interest is about Tissue engineering, cell and molecular Biology of pulp tissue. He is also highly involved into development of new techniques and concepts for graduate and postgraduate teaching essentially based on digital-use.
Innovation and Opportunities for a Routine Practice. (Talking About Innovation, new Products, new Materials and new Concepts, Definitely Dedicated to GPs)
Endodontics in the past two decades has been characterized by the evolution of technologies and devices for shaping, disinfection and filling of the root canal system. These technologies are still in a constant evolution and new alloys have recently even improved the efficiency and safety of instrumentation. Bioceramics, on their turn, have completely changed the concept of root canal filling.

Learning Objectives :
  1. To understand how innovation can improve the outcome of endodontic treatments
  2. To understand that innovation are not only related to material but also to concepts.
Biology, Genetics and Clinical Practice: Three Parts of a New Puzzle for Endodontics
Progress done in the tissue engineering field are very useful to reconsider the basic principles of pulp tissue healing either regeneration. With these approaches expected to develop and evolve, the orientation of endodontology is likely to be more pharmacological and biological, and the procedures less invasive. Thus, in the endodontics of the future, these approaches are expected to complement the current treatment techniques. A true translational approach bridging basic science and clinic is essential to understanding why and how endodontics needs to evolve. The aim of this lecture is to describe perspectives in modern endodontics and clinical applications in the near future.

Learning Objectives :
  1. To explain how biological understanding can improve the clinical practice.
  2. To assume that endodontics is not only shaping and filling the root canal.
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