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  • Dr. Uğur Ergin

Dr. Uğur Ergin

Istanbul, Turkey

Short CV
Graduated and received Dr. Med. Dent degree in Prosthodontics from University of Istanbul, School of Dentistry Visiting Prof. in Università degli Studi Guglielmo Marconi Working in his own private practice with specific focus on implantology with CAD-CAM technology Chief Editor of the Turkish version of Das Dental Labor Member of Straumann Lab Academy, TDA International affairs, ITI Turkey-Azerbaijan Leadership team
Tips and Tricks for the Adhesive Cementation of Different Prosthetic Restorations and Materials.
Adhesive cementation is a multiphase procedure in prosthetic dentistry. The goal of the dentist is to create a powerful and lasting bond with precise adaptation of the adhesive cement between the restoration and the tooth. With developments new prosthetic materials and methods cementation became more complicated. A reliable adhesive cementation can only be achieved if the dentist is aware of the adhesive mechanisms and material properties. This presentation will highlight the principles of adhesive cementation and offer simplified workflows with current materials to help dentist for decision making in daily practice.

Learning Objectives :
  1. Understanding adhesion
  2. Key factors of a successful adhesion on dentin and enamel
  3. Adhesive cementation of different restorative materials
  4. Adhesive Workflows for different restorative indications
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