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  • Dr. Leslie Will

Dr. Leslie Will

Massachusetts, United States

Short CV
Dr. Leslie Will earned her DMD at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine and her MSD in Orthodontics at the University of Washington in Seattle. She has led three graduate programs in Orthodontics, and is currently the Anthony A. Gianelly Professor and Chair at Boston University. Her research interests are in normal and abnormal growth and development and imaging.
Orthodontics and Airway – What’s the Connection?
The problems of sleep-disordered breathing and its consequences are well-recognized in adults, but it has recently become apparent that a significant percentage of children including very young children can be affected by an inadequate airway. This presentation will highlight the problems contributed to by airway problems, explain how we as dentists can determine which children may be affected, and how orthodontic treatment can improve the airway of our patients.

Learning objectives:
  1. Understand the relationship between airway anatomy and function
  2. Recognize signs and symptoms of airway problems in patients
  3. Understand how orthodontic treatment can modify the airway in children and adults
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