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  • Dr. Ricardo Macchi

Dr. Ricardo Macchi

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Short CV
Dentist (DDS, 1962) and Doctor in Dentistry (1971), University of Buenos, Argentina. Master of Science (Dental Materials, 1968), University of Michigan, USA. Professor Emeritus, Department of Dental Materials, School of Dentistry, University of Buenos Aires (since 2007). Member and Past President of the National Academy of Dentistry, Argentina. Member of the IADR and Past President of the Argentine Division.
Teaching the use of Scientific Evidence in Dental Education Program
The use of scientific evidence in clinical decisions is based on the conscientious analysis of the applicability and reliability of research results. It is a competency that is usually mentioned as a requirement for graduation in undergraduate and graduate dental education programs. To reach such a goal, students have to be exposed to learning experiences that train them in the evaluation of external and internal validity of published research, so rationale decision making can be applied for specific clinical situations. Different strategies are available, and they have to be taken into consideration when organizing the above mentioned educational programs.

Learning Objectives :
  1. Present the knowledge of research design as an input for the practice of evidence based dentistry.
  2. Describe the theory and practice behind the evaluation of internal and external validity of research results.
  3. Analyze learning strategies that have been used in dental education programs to generate competencies related to the use of scientific evidence in clinical decision making.  
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