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  • Dr. Daniel Chavarria Bolaños

Dr. Daniel Chavarria Bolaños

San Jose, Costa Rica

Short CV
• Doctorate degree in Dental Sciences, • Master degree in Endodontics. • Doctorate degree in Science of Materials. • Doctorate degree in Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences. • Currently, Researcher and Professor at the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Costa Rica. Researcher at the National Laboratory of Nanotechnology. Private practice limited to endodontics.
Dealing with Endodontic Pain: Evidence-Based Choices
Pain management is a daily concern of every dental practitioner, especially when pain originates from pulpal o periapical tissue. Thus, it is essential for clinicians to understand the current state of the art on how to overcome this challenge, following the best evidence available. This conference will present some of the actual clinical and pharmacological protocols to successfully treat pain of endodontic origin.

Learning Objectives :
  1. To discuss the possible differential diagnosis of dental pain
  2. To present an overview of the available pharmacological tools to manage endodontic pain
  3. To present current protocols for the management of acute endodontic pain (i.e. multimodal analgesia, preventive analgesia)
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