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  FDI World Dental Federation

FDI World Dental Federation serves as the principal representative body for more than one million dentists worldwide, developing health policy and continuing education programmes, speaking as a unified voice for dentistry in international advocacy and supporting member associations in global oral health promotion activities.

  Chinese Stomatological Association

Chinese Stomatological Association (CSA) is a national, academic, nonprofit and voluntary organization of science and technology professionals of stomatology as well as enterprises, institutions and social organizations in stomatology, serving as the link and bridge between government and science and technology community of stomatology, and the social force developing the stomatological science for China. CSA was founded on November 7th 1996, formerly known as the Oral Science Society of Chinese Medical Association established in 1951. CSA is the only first-grade national stomatological academic society registered at Ministry of Civil Affairs and supervised by the National Health and Family Planning Commission. Abiding by the constitution, laws, regulations, national policies and social ethics, CSA aims to unite the stomatological professionals, serve for science and technology professionals, innovation-driven development, improvement of scientific quality of the whole people and scientific policy-making of the party and government. The objectives of CSA are to promote the prosperity, development, innovation and popularization of the science and technology of stomatology in China, facilitate the improvement of stomatological professionals and promote oral health of all the people in China. CSA actively carries out academic activities and stick to the scientific attitude and learning style of seeking truth from facts, against academic misconduct. By promoting academic democracy, CSA initiates the scientific spirit and socialism medical ethics of “innovation, truth-seeking, cooperation and dedication” and carries forward the tradition of healing the wounded, rescuing the dying and serving the people. Also, CSA represents the views and safeguard lawful rights and interests of stomatological community.
CSA is composed of stomatological professionals from the whole nation with over 50,000 memberships. The supreme authority of CSA is Member Representatives Assembly, in which the Board of Directors is elected. During the intersession, the Board of Directors exercises the duty of Member Representatives Assembly. The Executive Board of Directors, elected by the Board of Directors, performs the leadership function of CSA when the Board of Directors is not in session. The Board of Directors is reelected every 5 years. On September 27th 2016, the Fifth Member Representatives Assembly was held in Shanghai when the Fifth Board of Directors and the Board of Supervisors was elected. The Board Meeting and Executive Board Meeting are convened every year, while Presidential Working Meeting to review major issues is held aperiodically to improve the system of decision-making procedure. There are fourteen working committees to be responsible for formulating the plans in their fields and reporting the related opinions to the Board of Directors. Thirty-three subcommittees have been established to cover all branches of stomatologoy. CSA Secretariat has established 12 administrative offices to carry out the decisions of Board Meetings and Executive Board Meetings, as well as to conduct the daily work. Aimed at “Unity, diligence, serving and dedication”, the Secretariat unceasingly promotes the organization construction, institutional improvement and self-regulation while upgrading the professional proficiency and service capability. Since the establishment of CSA, stomatological associations were established in all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, as unit members of CSA. CSA offers guidance for those stomatological associations.
CSA always conducts meetings abiding by democracy and the law for over 20 years since establishment. CSA aims to serve for science and technology professionals, innovation-driven development, improvement of scientific quality of the whole people and scientific policy-making of the party and government. CSA constantly improves the innovation and serving capability and builds platform for academic exchange and sci-tech popularization to lead the academic trend and expand membership with high-class service for all members. To become “Home of All Members” has always been CSA’s mission. CSA is committed to unite all professionals in stomatology and to develop a prosperious and harmonious organization. In 2013, CSA has been awarded 5A grade organization by Ministry of Civil Affairs and third prize of excellent scientific and technical community in “Organization Upgrade Project ” by China Association for Science and Technology. In 2015, CSA won second prize of “Excellent Scientific and Technical Community Construction Project in Innovation and serving Capability”. CSA has become an important part of globe stomatological field by joining three international stomatological associations as unit member—World Dental Federation (FDI), International Association of Dental Research (IADR) and International College of Dentists (ICD).

  Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions

Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions (RSE) is one of the most renowned event organizers dedicated to pharmaceutical and medical sectors in China. The company is a joint venture between China National Pharmaceutical Group Corporation (Sinopharm) – the largest medical and healthcare group in China, and Reed Exhibitions - the world's leading event organizer.
RSE runs a portfolio of 30 highly recognized events, which serve the entire value chain of healthcare with an extended market reach into education and scientific research sectors.
Each year, RSE plays host to nearly 20,000 local and global exhibitors at its international trade shows, combined with more than 800 themed conferences and academic seminars. Through these events, RSE offers its customers innovative solutions in improving productivity and tapping potential in the markets. RSE events have covered a total exhibition space of 1,200,000 sqm and welcomed over 630,000 trade visitors from 150 countries and regions.
RSE is driven by an aim to serve the industry as a whole, while stimulating mutual development. With the pursuit of excellence and innovation as its ultimate goal, it continues to demonstrate solid actions to support sustainable growth of the entire health sector.
Relying on the global staffing network of Reed's International Sales Group (ISG) and the unique resources of its offices and agents in 35 countries, Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions (RSE) assists clients to choose the most appropriate exhibitions, while guiding and advising them throughout the entire participation process. As a result, Reed Sinopharm further helps clients to successfully enter the right markets at the right time in China's key regions, while satisfying a wide variety of demands and participation requirements.