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  • Prof. Hector Alvarez Cantoni

Prof. Hector Alvarez Cantoni

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Short CV
"Fıxed Prosthodontıcs Department, Assocıate Professor (Fouba) - Posgraduate Program In Dentobucomaxılar Implant Prothesıs Specıalızatıon, Dırector (Fouba) - Unıversıty Of Buenos Aıres, School Of Dentıstry, Dean - Author Of The Collectıon: ‘’Foundatıons, Technıcs & Clınıc In Oral Rehabılıtatıon, Volume I & Iı, Volume Iıı In Press, Quıntaessence Publıshıng House."
Prosthetic Comprehensive Rehabilitation
The occlusion guides the prosthesis, the prosthesis to the implants, and the implants to the bone reconstruction following an imperative, interactive and dynamic process. The individual and total prosthetics reconstructions, which are part of this presentation, will give the opportunity to observe the different variables that take action in the reconstruction of hard and soft tissues. Finally, an original protocol of the superior jaw rehabilitation for completely edentulous will be presented to focus on surgical and temporary fixed prosthesis aspects that will be necessarily considered for the rehabilitation of the meager maxillary ridge.

Learning Objectives :
  1. To identify the different variables which are involved in prosthetic comprehensive rehabilitation.
  2. To recognize different criteria and main lines which lead the reconstruction of hard and soft tissues.


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